LearningWheel: a model of digital pedagogy

About LearningWheel

LearningWheel is a model of digital pedagogy designed to enhance learning and develop digital literacy skills. It has several unique layers:

  1. Visual pedagogically informed tool
  2. Created by practitioners for practitioner
  3. Categorised in to four pedagogic ‘modes of engagement’
  4. Can be ‘Resource’ specific
  5. Can be ‘Contextualised’ to a subject area
  6. Can be ‘level’ specific
  7. Promote free and accessible digital resources
  8. Collaborative approach
  9. International perspective
  10. Scalability: flexible and adaptable

LearningWheel is a rich resource generated by practitioners for practitioners offering suggestions to digital What? Why? and How? Contributions for edtech resources and pedagogies focused around either a ‘digital resource’ or contextualised ‘subject’ specific each aligning to the four modes of engagement: Learning Content, Assessment, Communication, Collaboration.

The LearningWheels use ‘modes of engagement‘ adapted from Sharpe, R., Benfield, G. and Francis, R. (2006) Implementing a university e-learning strategy: levers for change within academic schools. ALT-J, 14 (2). pp. 135-151. doi: 10.1080/09687760600668503.