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When getting to grips with something new or developing your practice, it is always better when informed by a peer. One who understand the nuances of a role like yours, one who understands your subject intrinsically and more importantly one who knows the demands of your audience.

A Contextualised Subject LearningWheel is designed to offer practical contextualised suggestions in which educators/practitioners can introduce ‘a range of‘ digital resources (apps, technologies) e.g. Twitter, Pinterest, Evernote etc. to enhance their area of teaching/practice e.g. Accountancy, ESOL, Education Studies, Hairdressing.

Numerous contextualised suggestions for using edtech within your subject area are aligned to each of the four modes of engagement: Learning content, Assessment, Communication, Collaboration. Each Contextualised Subject LearningWheel aims to engage and empower your learners/audience with regard to developing their own knowledge and digital literacy skills.

If you wish to extend your repertoire and learn how to use ‘a range of’ digital resources (apps, technologies), take a look at the Contextualised Subject LearningWheel collection below…

Study Skills
Childhood Studies
Education Studies
Accountancy (Twitter)
Assistive Technologies
English Language
English Language (Twitter)
FE Library Skills & Research