Captain a LearningWheel

To maintain subject related relevance and quality there are voluntary Captains who steer each LearningWheel. The role of a Captain is to:

  • raise awareness of their SUBJECT area
  • encourage peers to add spokes to suggest ways of using digital resources
  • peer review the quality and relevance of the suggestions
  • Share the final LearningWheel amongst their community of practice

If you wish to steer a SUBJECT or RESOURCE wheel of your choice join our #LearningWheel community and add your name below. Your contribution is essential! Just one simple spoke signposting a digital resource for a purpose could make such a big impact.

Each Captain is credited on the published LearningWheel as well as all contributors and organisations. Complete the form below and a LearningWheel template will be created and a Call4Collab will be tweeted.
Thank you!

LW Captain