THE LIBRARIAN: Digital & Library resources

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THE LIBRARIAN: Digital & Library resources

Hello to our @LearningWheel #ColRic #Librarian #digitalcapabilities friends. Let’s collaborate!

LearningWheel is a rich resource generated by digital practitioners for practitioners wishing to improve their digital skills and teaching practice, in this instance for the purpose of sharing and improving digital capabilities in a library environment.

Offer your suggestion ‘spokes’ to digital What? Why? and How? you engage your students in Canvas. Contributions should align to one of the four modes of engagement: Learning Content, Assessment, Communication, Collaboration.

Don’t forget to add links to guidance videos or documents that add further guidance.

I met the Captain of this LearningWheel at the CoLRiC (Council for Learning Resources in Colleges) ‘Let’s Go Digital’ conference in June.
Lis Parcell@lisparcell is the Subject specialist (libraries and digital resources) at Jisc.

Lis and I had followed each other and communicated on Twitter before the conference, but this was our first face to face meeting. 🙂 There was a great sense of community and excitement among delegates during the event. Eager to share their practice and experience with passion, it seemed the perfect to create a Subject LearningWheel. for them refer to. Within minutes of launching the wheel, we had spokes coming in from afar as Columbia and Australia. Here it is for you.

After the event, Lis wrote this wonderful blog titled ‘Inspiring Learning.’

Join Us. Click on the link above to add your ideas or/and learn how to extend your digital practice within a library and digital resources for a learning environment.

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