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Hello to our @LearningWheel #Musical #Education friends. Let’s collaborate!

LearningWheel is a rich resource generated by digital practitioners for practitioners wishing to improve their digital skills and teaching practice, in this instance for the purpose of teaching Journalism.

Offer your suggestion ‘spokes’ to digital What? Why? and How? you engage your students in Canvas. Contributions should align to one of the four modes of engagement: Learning Content, Assessment, Communication, Collaboration.

Don’t forget to add links to guidance videos or documents that add further guidance.

Kelly Nicklin, @KellyDNicklin is a PGCE Secondary Programme Leader, Senior Lecturer in Music Education and PCET . EdD research: ITE, music ed, digital learning at Birmingham City University. As an experienced LearningWheel Captain she has volunteered to Captain a second Subject LearningWheel.

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