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Cardiff & Vale College

Welcome aboard to our new @LearningWheel Captain… Lee Campbell

Lee Campbell @RealityMixer is a Lecturer on the Essential Skills Practitioners (8375) Digital Literacy course at Cardiff and Vale College, where he is also a Learning and Skills Coach and Staff Digital Leader. Lee has kindly volunteered to Captain this new Essential Skills Wales: Digital Literacy ‘subject’ LearningWheel.

Lee’s thoughts and intention

Essential Digital Literacy Skills is a relatively new qualification aimed at developing and assessing the skills that learners will need to live, work and learn in the 21st century. Although technology-enhanced learning is a hot topic, this LearningWheel aims to address the specific needs of Essential Skills Wales deliverers and to support practitioners in delivering and assessing the qualification

Let’s collaborate!

Hello to our @LearningWheel #ESWDigiLit #edtech friends. LearningWheel is a rich resource generated by digital practitioners for practitioners wishing to improve their digital skills and teaching practice.

Offer your suggestion ‘spokes’ to digital What? Why? and How? Contributions must align with one of the four modes of engagement: Learning Content, Assessment, Communication, Collaboration.

Don’t forget to add links to guidance videos, podcasts, or instructional documents that add further guidance.

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