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Ann Gravells: Education & Training

Welcome aboard to our new @LearningWheel Captain

Ann Gravells, @AnnGravells has been working in education and training since 1983 and writing text books since 2006. Her passion is to help new entrants to the further education and skills sector i.e. the beginner teacher, trainer, assessor and/or quality assurer. All her books are written in plain English and break down complex theories into easy to understands concepts. You can find out more about Ann by taking a look at her website.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience Ann has kindly volunteered to Captain this new Education & Training subject LearningWheel.

Ann’s thoughts and intention

“New teachers and trainers are often uncertain as to the wealth of resources available to them. This could relate to their job role and/or working towards a teaching qualitification in the further education and skills sector. It is hoped that this LearningWheel will help to address this.”

Let’s collaborate!

Hello to our @LearningWheel #AET #PGCE #NQT #Teaching friends. LearningWheel is a rich resource generated by digital practitioners for practitioners wishing to improve their digital skills and teaching practice.

Offer your suggestion ‘spokes’ to digital What? Why? and How? you engage your students in Canvas. Contributions should align to one of the four modes of engagement: Learning Content, Assessment, Communication, Collaboration.

Don’t forget to add links to guidance videos, podcasts, or instructional documents that add further guidance.

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