CoActED Learner

CoActEd Learner Map

‘A visual mapping tool, with its play on words, designed to complement the most traditional approaches that educators employ when prompting learners to reflect upon and build their networks. The (Co) representing connection and collaboration with the (Act) pointing towards activity and action between the potential actors involved within the network and the (ED) indicating the purpose – to support the educative process.’ Kellsey, D. and Taylor, A.M.L (2016) The LearningWheel: A model of digital pedagogy. Herefordshire: Critical Publishing.

Call 4 CoActED Learner Maps

Thinking about collaboration and networks, we invite you to … map your professional network on the CoActED visual

CoActEd Learner Map template

Our CoActEd Learner map examples…

Example CoActEd network maps from our LearningWheel community…

Download the CoActEd Learner blank template and map your professional network on the CoActED visual

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