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Within minutes of launching contribution spokes were received

Within minutes of launching contribution spokes were received

The LearningWheel makes an impression on Lis Parcell the Subject specialist (libraries and digital resources) at Jisc. Here she blogs about the ColRic conference back in June at Kirkless College.

She writes, “Rather than cover everything, this post will focus on my main takeaways and also look in detail at how we used the LearningWheel approach to collect ideas on how digital tools and resources are being used by college libraries to support teaching and learning.”

Thank you Lis, so proud that LearningWheel made it on your takeaway list. You have summarized the LearningWheel accurately, and what a lesson in how to write a great blog too.

NB: As of 10/10 @ 10:10 (next Tuesday) the #LearningWheel will change the way it is created. LearningWheelLIVE will make spokes more interactive, instructional and dynamic. Watch this space!

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