Project #Facebookdeactivation

Thoughts of writing

When Amanda first stated, “Let’s write a book about the LearningWheel!” I drifted off to thoughts of what it would look and feel like. I imagined creative writing spaces, log fires, libraries, calm and thoughtful moments. Seven months later those naive, romantic period drama visions could not be further from the truth.

The reality is that Google is our writing space, our meeting/discussion venue is either FaceTime, WhatsApp or Facebook and calm thoughtful moments…  we can’t find an app for that!

Time flies when your having no sun

Our usual time for being creative and productive, pre book was spent on the Doctorate for Amanda (@AMLTaylor66), and LearningWheel development for me. That time has been eaten up by our new pet called ‘the book’. That initial cute puppy has become a demanding wild animal with voracious appetite for our time! Those early mornings and late evenings are now becoming one space broken up by the day time job. Weekends are virtually unnoticeable and weeks fly by, sometimes so fast without a whoosh in its wake! Summer 2016 has come and we hardly noticed. Time constantly alludes us as we search for more ways to be productive.

Project #FacebookDeactivation

Our latest is initiative in this time saving quest is ‘Project #facebookdeactivation‘. Unsurprisingly to those of us who know Amanda, she has decided to tweet once a day about breaking her Facebook addiction.  So far, so good. She’s seems to be finding it fairly easy in general but is missing her family and circle friends ‘The Ladies of the Parish’. Her Mum (@McDadeArdlyn) (my newest DigiPal) has even taken to Twitter to remain in contact and send encouraging tweets from Amanda’s homeland in Northern Ireland.

facebook deactivation tweet

facebook deactivation tweet

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 23.55.22 Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 23.55.37

From my perspective, Day 4 without Facebook has been liberating. I have found life less distracting, found more focus and guess what? …the world has not stopped! I would definitely recommend time out to all of you.

Watch Amanda’s #FacebookDeactivation progress and send any spare minutes or seconds to us on our Just Giving page …

If only!

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