Call4Collab Subject Wheels

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Below is a list of CONTEXTUALISED SUBJECT LearningWheels which are currently in development.
Click on any of the links to add your suggestions for using educational technologies/digital resources/apps for engaging learners/practitioners to improve their digital literacy skills within their area of learning/profession.

Call4Collab: Introduction to Physical Education @LearningWheel

Captained by:

Rebecca Foster (@Becs_Foster)   Senior Lecturer for Adapted Physical Education – University of Worcester
Rachael Bullingham (@BullinghamPE)   Senior Lecturer for Physical Education – University of Worcester

Call4Collab: CoLRic/Jisc Librarian @LearningWheel

Captained by Scott Hibberson (@ScottHibberson) and Lis Parcell (@LisParcell)

CALL4COLLAB: LEARNINGWHEEL BOOK WHEEL  …We would encourage you to help us to construct a LearningWheel through our readership that identifies the most useful digital resources and apps used to date across education.  If you do decide to make a contribution you will be cited on the website as a contributor to this LearningWheel and like all of those who have been previously been involved will be acknowledged as having shaped a little more of our digital development as a global teaching collective, otherwise known as a ‘community of practice’ (Mina, 2006, p143). Add your a suggestion spoke HERE.

Captained by:
Deborah Millar – @DebKellsey
Amanda Taylor – @AMLTaylor66

Call4Collab: CHEMISTRY LearningWheel.
Captained by John Hamlin (Blackburn College) @BBSFChem

Call4Collab: EQUINE STUDIES LearningWheel.
Captained by Laura Power (Myerscough College) @PowerL32

Call4Collab: Social Work Placement LearningWheel
Captained by Debbie Dawson (StepUp4 Student) @debbiedawson73

Call4Collab: CONSTRUCTION LearningWheel.
Captained by …No current named Captain – any Construction specialists interested?

Call4Collab: ENGINEERING LearningWheel.
Captained by …No current named Captain – any Engineers interested?

Call4Collab: FINANCIAL SERVICES LearningWheel.
Captained by: Angelo Konecki (University Centre Blackburn College) @AKORN_FA 
Helen Eadon-Sinkinso (University Centre Blackburn College) @Heleneadon

Call4Collab: LIFE DRAWING LearningWheel.
Captained by …No current named Captain – any Artists interested?

Call4Collab: SCIENCE A/S A Level LearningWheel.
Captained by …No current named Captain – any Scientists interested?

Call4Collab: TEXTILES LearningWheel.
Captained by …No current named Captain – any Textile specialists interested?

Call4Collab: TRAVEL & TOURISM LearningWheel.
Captained by …No current named Captain – any Travel & Tourism specialists interested?