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Below is a list of RESOURCE LearningWheels which are currently in development.
Click on any of the links to add your suggestions for using a specific educational technology/digital resource/app for engaging learners/practitioners to improve their digital literacy skills within their area of learning/profession.

Call4Collab: MAHARA (ePortfolio) – VERSION 2 LearningWheel.
Captained by: Jaye Ryan (Senior Lecturer in Children’s Nursing. ePortfolio Lead for BSc Hons Nursing at Birmingham City University) @MaharaNursing

Call4Collab: CANVAS VLE LearningWheel.
Captained by: Clare Smith @DigiLearnSCC and Deb Millar @DebKellsey at Salford City College.

Call4Collab: GOCONQR LearningWheel.
Captained by: Maya Velasquez (GOCONQR Business Development Manager) @eduWabi and @goconqr colleagues.

Call4Collab: MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 suite LearningWheel.
Captained by: …no current named Captain. Any Microsoft users interested?

Call4Collab: PADLET LearningWheel.
Captained by: Ross Anderson (EdTech enthusiast, North Lindsey College) @rossthetechie

Call4Collab: SWAY LearningWheel.
Captained by: Sheila McNeill (Glasgow Caledonian University) @sheilmcn

Call4Collab: WAMBIZ LearningWheel.
Captained by: Paul Styles (WAMBIZ Sales & Brand Manager) @Wambiz @EdtechPaul